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Athletic News - Monday 05 June 1905
An influential committee has been appointed to devise means to alleviate the distress into which the widow and eight children of the late George Farmer have been plunged.  farmer was one of the most noted figures in the Everton ranks during the early days as a football club, and there was no more popular player in the district than he.  Everton have forwarded 10 pounds for current needs, and have signified their willingness to play a benefit match early next season.  The F.A. and Lancashire F.A are to be approached for pecuniary assistance, and the Benefit Fund committee are anticipating hearty support from all football enthusiasts. 

June 9, 1905. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury
The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Everton Football Club Limited, was held last evening at the Exchange Station Hotel. Mr. George Mahon, chairman of directors presiding over a large attendance. The Chairman in moving adoption of the report, said that they commenced the season 1904-05 with practically the same team, having finished third in the League list and the second team winners of the Lancashire Combination. The only lose such as they at the time considered it was Wolstenholme at half-back. He was determinated to leave them, but it led, to Makepeace appearance in his place, a chance they had not regretted. A bright career for the club was looked forward to when accident after accident occurred, Booth Abbott Sharp, and Thornburn being early on compelled to retire through injuries. This had been the case more or less during the League was of primary importance, it is little wonder that the Combination team, being depleted, occupied somewhat lowly position. With but few changes in the personnel of the team, and bearing in mind, the difficulties through accidents in the League team, they had acquired an honourable position, that of second with forty-seven points, but one point dividing them with the winners, a position obtained with a scieniftic exposition of the game worthy of Everton. The directors, shareholders and supporters regretted that the premier honour whilst gained by the Newcastle Club, did not on this occasion fall to the Everton's lot. Only on one occasion during the season had they been beaten by more than one goal, and that away (hear hear). In attaining such a position there had been no bribing gratuity or bonus or call it what they would, to win a League match of Cup-tie and, although they heard frequently of such being paid, and of gross irregularities being perpetrated nowadays the directors were determined while rules are in existence, to strictly ashere to such, and faithfully endeavour to comply with their every requirement (hear, hear) The directors took steps to alter the wages and bonus rules by calling the meeting at Birmingham, when they pressed for a free hand. They found many agencies at work, and somewhat meagres support was accorded to them; but the true reason was more than fully explained when the award of the association became public and certain officials and clubs came under the ban of the Association's ruling. It was quite clear that the position at the present time was untenable and unsatisfactory both to players and club managers of an honourable character, and they would gladly welcome any equitable settlement of this vesed question. There was a strong feeling that an infringement in this respect was still in progress. Several of their players had during the year been singled out for international honours. They were again getting their house in order for another season's work, and they ventured to assert that the team, which did so valiantly in the past would again don the Everton jerseys. Since the formation of the League Everton had occupied the first position once, the second position on four occasions, and the third position on four occasions. Speaking of the accounts he said the net gate receipts in 1902-03 amounted to £9,480 for 1903-04 £9,860, and for 1904-05, £14, 153 (applause). This proved that with moderately fine weather the popularity of the game was on the increase, and that its wane simply existed in the imagination of sceptica (hear hear). Against the previous years, which was a record last year's receipts showed an increase for League gates and Cup-ties of £4, 293. Outlays necessary for the wise administration of a concern like theirs had been incurred, but, while cheeseparing was part of their policy strict economy had been practiced. The system of home training had given such results as to merit its continuance. The benefits given to four of their players amounted to £1,300 or £325 each. The expenditure on roads had effected a great improvement, and before long an office worthy of the club would be erected, with an extension of the stand accommodation. The accounts were in a most satisfactory state, genuine and above-board. Now, ten years after purchase the shareholders were the owners free of all debt, of the magnificent football ground at Goodison-park (applause). Mr.J.Davies seconded, and some questions having been answered, the resolution was passed. On the motion of Mr.Bainbridge seconded by Mr.Kelly, a divided of 5 per cent was authorised. Mr. Patterson moved the re-election of the retiring Directors-Messrs Mahon, Davies, and Bainbridge. The past year he said had been a record one, and this was due to the ability and loyalty of the players and to the real and talent of the directors. They had a fine a financial position as any club in the kingdom (hear hear). Mr. R.Wilson in seconding, said the balance-sheet was a magnificent one. The resolution was passed unanimously. Mr.Williams, C Cuff (secretary) announced that the following would be the players next season: - Goal: - L.R.Roose, W.Scott, and W.Kelly, backs, W.Balmer, R.Balmer, J.Crelly, J.Hannan (Celtic), W.Wildman, and P.Hill (right-backs), Makepeace T.Booth, J.Taylor, W.Abbott, W.Black (Celtic), T.Chadwick, J.Donaldson and R.Wright, Half-backs, J.Sharp, T.McDermott, A.Young, J.Settle, H.P.Hardman, B.Rankin W.McLoughlin, F.Oliver (Brentford), T.Dilly, A.Birnie, H.E, Cooke, and H.Ritchie, forwards. A hearty vote of thanks was passed to the directors.

Portsmouth Evening News - Saturday 10 June 1905
New Brompton have signed on James Sheridan, the Irish international. Stoke, it will be remembered, paid Everton $300 for the transfer of the last named in September.

Athletic News - Monday 12 June 1905
Gainsborough Trinity on Saturday concluded negotiations with Everton, and signed W. H.  Dawson, who was on that club’s League list.  Dawson is a forward, ad for the past two seasons has been Southport Central’s man goal-scorer. 

Stamford Mercury - Friday 16 June 1905
Trinity Football club - W.H. Dawson who has played centre forward for Southport Central for two years and has been top goal scorer for his side, has been signed on as centre-forward for the Trinity Football Club. He was on Everton's league list, and negotiations with that club were satisfactorily concluded on Saturday.

Dundee Evening Telegraph -Friday 16 June 1905
Sir John Willox died this morning after a somewhat prolonged illness. Sir John was one of the best-known British journalists. He was a Scotsman, and was born in Edinburgh in 1842, his father being an author and journalist. He was educated in the Scottish capital, and thence proceeded to Liverpool, where he joined the staff of the Liverpool Courier. He was successively reporter, subeditor, and editor, and ultimately became principal proprietor. Sir John had a very active career, and took keen interest in public affairs. represented the Everton Division of Liverpool in Parliament for many years, commencing 1892, but, subsequently retired because of ill-health. Sir John was largely interested in the tobacco trade as manufacturer in Liverpool and London, trading as Cope Brothers & Company. He took a specially active part all matters connected with journalism. Sir John, who had acted as president of the Institute of Journalists, was a trustee of the Institute Journalists' Orphan Fund, and a member of the Newspaper Society. In politics was a Conservative. His death took place in Liverpool.

Athletic News - Monday 19 June 1905
The following players have been signed on by Everton for next season.  Goalkeepers, Roose, Scott, and W. Kelly (a nephew of the director, Mr. B. Kelly); backs W. Balmer, R. Balmer, Crelley, Wildman, Hanan (Celtic) and Hill (Southampton); half-backs, Makepeace, Both, Taylor, Abbott, Chadwick, Black (Celtic), Donaldson, and Wright (Kent); forwards, Sharp, McDermott, Young, Settle, Hardman, Rankin, McLoughlin, Dilly, Oliver (Brentford), Birnie (Kent), Cook, H. Ricthie. 






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