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May 1, 1905. The Liverpool Courier
Lancashire Combination “A” Division (Game 34)
Everton wound up a very disappointing season by sustaining another reverse, Bolton Wanderers winning the game by the only goal of the match, with one or two exceptions, the home players put absolutely no energy into their play, and had the Wanderers secured two of three more goals, they would have only got what they deserved. McCartney played in very lackadaisical fashion, and time after time let in the opposition. Fortunately for Everton, Wildman and Kitchen worked hard, and it was due to the brilliant goalkeeping of the latter that the score was kept down. The Wanderers are to be commenced upon putting some dash into their work, and in Shaw, Leach, and Leigh they have forwards, who know how to play, the game. Taylor played a clever game at back, while Busbell of the old Xavertians kept a good goal, although he did not have a great deal to do. The work of Kitchen and Wildman on the home side has already been refereed to of the others, Chadwick Evans, and Cook did well, and the last named should be preserved with. Everton: - Kitchen, goal, Wildman, and McCartney backs, Hanlin, Chadwick, and Ritchie, half-backs, A.Birnie, Roberts, Thornburn, Cooke, and Evans, forwards.

Athletic News - Monday 01 May 1905
By Junius
At the last kick, so to speak, Everton have been deprived of the First Division Championship, and their case is one which is certainly deserving won, has made all the difference between finishing first and second in the final table of results.  I do not wish to enter into any discussion as to whether Everton or Newcastle is the better team, for both have displayed splendid form during the season, despite occasional lapses from their customary consistency.  The simple matter of fact is that Everton had beaten Woolwich in November, when fifteen minutes from time the game had to be abandoned owing to fog, and these points would have landed, Everton clear winners of the championship.  Nothing more tantalizing than this could be conceived, and there appears to be something lacking in a rule which debars a club from gaining that reward which it has already qualified for by superior play.  Of course, it may be argued that the law which compels a game to be replayed in its entirely, it postponed before the full ninety minutes have they been in arrears in the earlier fixture, but we have to consider matters as they have actually transpired, and Everton deserve the keenest sympathy for being deprived of the championship in such a fashion.  Only one club has secured three points from them this season, namely Manchester City, and this is the only team they have failed to defeat.  Their colours have been lowered once at Goodison Park, Sunderland achieving this distinction, and the points have been shared on the same ground by Manchester City and Derby County.  This represents their full total of points lost at home.  After being in the running, for three of the honours of the season.  Everton have nothing tangible to report once more, but they have given some capital exhibitions of football, and this should not be forgotten in the disappointment naturally attendant upon the losing of the League Championship. 
Everton have signed the following players for next season;- Scott; brothers Balmer, Crelley, Taylor, Booth, Abbott, Sharp, McDermott, Young, Settle, McLoughlin, Dilly, Rankin, Wildman, and Chadwick.  They will also be assisted by Harold Hardman and Leigh Richmond Roose. 
The Everton second string completed their Combination matches in as disappointing a fashion as they have fulfilled their fixtures throughout the season.  Eight days ago they were successful at Burnden Park over the Bolton Reserves, but the latter reversed the decision at Goodison Park in the return game.  Bolton showed the better form thorough out the proceedings, their forwards displaying good combination.  Especially was this the case after the interval when the Wanderers were all over the team, and only the excellent work of Kitchen in goal prevented the defeat from becoming an utter rout.  Yenson gained the only point of the match before half-time, and this decided the issue.  Bolton deserved to win, and their superiority is not properly represented by the score of one goal to none.  As already stated Kitchen gave an fine exhibition in goal and in the second half shots were rained upon him, which were dealt with in masterly style.  In fact, the custodian was the only man on the side to play up to his reputation.  For the visitors Leach and Shaw on the left wing were very clever, the former being very prominent with his accurate centres.  Taylor defended well in the second portion of the contest, and Bushell, an amateur who has kept goal for the Old Xaverians, cleared smartly on a few occasions. 

Athletic News - Monday 01 May 1905
Everton (20)
League Appearances
Scott 16, L.R. Roose 18, W. Balmer 32, J Crelley 26, R. Balmer 9, Wildman 1, Taylor 34, Booth 8, Abbott 28, Makepeace 19, Chadwick 3, S.B. Ashworth 11, Sharp 21, McDermott 28, Young 31, Settle 32, H.P. Hardman 32, Dilly 1, Rankin 16, McLoughlin 8
League Goals
Young 13; Settle 11, Sharp, McDermott, Hardman each 7, Makepeace 5, Abbott, Taylor, McLoughlin each 4, and Rankin 1. 

H. Stringfellow
Hull Daily Mail - Wednesday 03 May 1905
Leeds City are also in treaty with Everton for the transfer of H. Stringfeliow, a centre halfback, who, though on Everton's list of players, has been associated during the season just ended with Swindon in the Southern League. Before joining Swindon he was captain of Portsmouth.

London Daily News - Wednesday 03 May 1905
During the week there has been quite an invarison of Liverpool by football agents and, as a result some captures are announced. West Ham United have secured two well-known players from Everton in Kitchen (goalkeeper) and McCartney (full back). The former is a fine custodian but after playing in the Everton League team for two seasons was displace by Scott and L.R. Roose. He is six feet high and weighs over thirteen stone. McCartney is a daring back and has often played for Ireland.

May 4, 1905. The Liverpool Courier
The Everton team against the first Vienna team match resulted in a four goals to nil victory for the Englishmen.

May 4, 1905. The Daily Post and Mercury
A Southern agent invaded Liverpool, as well as other centre's. As a consequence the mirgration of Kitchen is announced. Kitchen is one of the most gentlemanly players, who have ever stepped on a field, and his popularity with the crowd was very marked. West Ham have signed him up, and can consider themselves fortunate in having a principled and clever custodian. It is to be hoped Kitchen will be able to spend the summer in Liverpool as his less would be noticeable from the Cricket field. McCartney the Irish International has had one season at Goodison, and now join up with Kitchen at West Ham. Tottenham Hotspur have got Whitley to join them, Whitley was formerly with Villa, Everton and Stoke.

May 5 1905. The Liverpool Courier
Followers of the Everton Club will be regret of the death of George Farmer, who was a known and popular member of the Everton Football Club, when the club played at Anfield-road. He joined as an inside left and a wide circle of friends yesterday regretted his death.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser - Saturday 06 May 1905
George Farmer, who was a well-known and popular member of the Everton team when the club played on the Anfield-road ground, is dead. Farmer, who came to Everton from Oswestry, was versatile player. He joined Everton as an inside left, and after filling both positions on that wing became a capable half-back. His death after short illness will be regretted a wide circle of friends.

Lancashire Evening Post - Saturday 06 May 1905
The Everton team yesterday opposed an eleven representative Austria at Vienna. At half-time Everton led 3 goals to 0. And they eventually won 4-2 one of their men retiring injured in the second half.

May 6, 1905 The Liverpool Daily Post
In our obituary column will be noticed the death of Mr. George Farmer, which occurred on Thursday at 123, Belmont Road. The deceased some twenty years ago was a prominent member of the Everton football team, and was playing for the club when the Football league organised, Everton being one of the original clubs in its formation. For many years George Farmer was known as one of the most skilful forward players in English Association football circles and was one of a coterie which assisted the build up the fortunes of the Everton club to the heights they now enjoy. Many present followers of the game will remember the old man, which included Smalley, McGill, Fleming, Richards, Dobson, Chadwick, Holt, Cassidy, Mike Higgins, Dick and others. Those were days when football was played practically for its own sport, and with little of the commercial element which has since been introduced. Mr. Farmer, who died at the early age of forty-one, will be interred on Sunday morning at nine o'clock, in Anfield Cemetary. It may be mentioned that he lived in Oswestry before coming to Liverpool to join the Everton Club.

Athletic News - Monday 08 May 1905
Hillman, the Manchester City goalkeeper, was according to reports, to have sailed for America on Saturday on golf business.  May the waves be kind!

May 8, 1905. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury
Vienna, Sunday, Everton and Tottenham Hotspur played a match to-day, Everton winning by two goals to nil.

May 9, 1905. The Liverpool Courier
Everton have secured the services of a young Amateur, Percy Hill, who has been playing full back for a club in the district of Southampton, Milward and Harry Wood described him as a catch of the season.

May 9, 1905. The Liverpool Echo
One of the Everton F.C. tourists has been good enough to forward me some details of the matches and items of note. He writes the following: - Just a Note or two as to the on goings. We played the first match at Budapest and won by 11 goals to 2, A very fashionable gathering of the elite was present, and the “gate” realised £360. The quality of football was of the highest and the spectators were very enthusiastic. On Tuesday we played the first Vienna F.C, at Vienne, and won by 4 goals to love. Their ground is very prettily situated, and was decorated in gals fashion. The gate was only fair, however, we play Tottenham Hotspur in an exhibition match and the public are taking a very keen interest in the match. The grounds have been up to now very hard, and our players complain bitterly of the studs hurting their feet. The weather has been simply brilliant, glorious sunshine every day-quite different from what you appear to be experiencing in Liverpool. Budapest is a fine city, with a multitude of magnificent buildings, which simply set off its fine situation. Vienna is also very fine, and we have up to now enjoyed our outing immensely. It is probable that we will play a match in Berlin on our way home.

Athletic News - Monday 15 May 1905
Football is progressing in Austria. The match between a representative Austrian side and Everton was characterized with rough play, and the spectators were indignant with the methods of the “foreigners.” 

May 21, 1905. The Liverpool Daily Post and Mercury.
The Everton football club tour abroad has been attended with every success. The players have really only one complaint, and that is with regard to the ground being so hard, that the studs hurt their feet. The Austro-Hungarian tour of 1905 will long be remembered as a most enjoyable outing from every point of view. The weather was brilliant, the club's reception at each ground most enthusiastic, and their appreciation of the foreigners consequently of a very high standard. The party left Exchange Station on April 27, and their first match was three days later, when they beat the real “Athleukai “ club by 11 goals to 2. This was followed by the defeat of the first Vienna F.C. by 4-0, but the feather in their cap was the great meeting on May 7, with Tottenham Hotspur, whom they beat by 2 goals to nil. Their departure from Berlin was on Wednesday. The Hook of Holland, they left at 11-20 p.m. on Thursday, ands Harwich was reached early yesterday, and at 2-50 p.m. there was a small gathering of directors players, and ladies to welcome the team home. The following went on the tour: - Messrs., Dr.Baxter, Dr.Whitford, Bainbridge, Wade, Kelly, Cuff, Roose, and Scott goal, R.Balmer and Crelly, backs, Taylor, Booth and Abbott half-backs, Rankin McDermott Young McLoughlin Settle, and Hardman forwards. All the men looked exceedingly well when they stepped on the platform and, save the hardship through the state of the “turf” which is described as “like asphalt” the company had a happy time, even though one of the foreign organisations dared to introduce rough tactics into their play. “The referees?” queried out representative to one of the party. “ Oh” he replied, “over here we may have a little grumble, but draw the veil over foreign referees! The game is getting a good hold on the people, and it will be the most popular sport in time. Dilly unfortunately, met with a rather bad accident, which kept him in bed four days. “All the matches were won”, continued the Everton man “including Tottenham, whom we beat twice-the first time by 2 clear goals and the second by a goal. 7

May 27, 1905 Dundee Courier
It was reported in Dundee last night that John Hannah the ex-Lochon United player who recently joined the Celtic had been transferred by the club to Everton.

Dundee Evening Telegraph-Saturday 27 may 1905
It is reported that John Hannah, the ex-Lochee United player, who recently joined the Celtic, has been transferred by that club to Everton.

May 30, 1905 The Liverpool Daily Post
That the directors of the Everton Football Club are not slow to show their appreciation o the services rendered by their players, and that the lapse of time does not effect such services from the recollection, is once more envinced in the case of the late George Farmer. Farmer, it will be remembered, was a very prominent player of the Everton Club when they played at Anfield road (now the home of the Liverpool Football Club), and he was undoubtedly one of the favourities of the football public in the late eighties. Farmer died recently, leaving a widow and eight young children to mourn his loss, and the Everton Club, with commendable promptitude, have sent the widow a cheque of £10 to meet present requirements, and have promised to allocate a good Combination match early in the season for the benefit of Farmer's widow and family. Not only this, but the club are laying the case before the several associations, with a view to a grant being made out of funds reserved for such cases.


May 1905