Everton Archive Past

How Good is This Buckle?
Released on the 31/07/2014
by The Liverpool Daily Post

A good start, they say, is everything, and Everton had everything they could hope for in the first minute of the engaging meeting of clubs with a new lease of..... read more


Everton's New Stand 1907
Released on the 01/07/2014

Next Please.” It was a sharp request from the sharp voice of a sharp man. But how pleasant were the faces of those men when they answered to the roll-call..... read more


Liverpool 0, Everton 2
Released on the 14/06/2014
By The Liverpool Daily Post

It was not Liverpool’s lucky day when they met Everton at Anfield in the first leg of the second round of the League War Cup
.... read more


Letter about Bobby Parker
Released on the 14/06/2014
By The Liverpool Echo

I thought it might interest you to have the following views of two of our old local favorites in Egypt. My chum writes from there under date of 6th inst as follow .... read more


Early Shock at Goodison
Released on the 03/04/2014
By The Daily Post

Did Roberts fall, or was he pushed? This vital question was asked early in the game on Everton’s ground .... read more


Bert Freeman Signs for Everton
Released on the 03/04/2014
By The Liverpool Echo

Anecdote As Antidote To War-Wore Readers Last week we talked of some signings in which I was interested. For but a short time let ....read more


Everton Win FA Cup 1906
Released on the 03/04/2014
By The Liverpool Echo

The invasion of London began at 2.50 this morning when the London and North Western's first excursion arrived. From the time trains .... read more

Sweet Everton Valley
Released on the 11/02/2014
by Thomas Keates

Fifty years ago! The white and grey haired veterans of today, as they sit by their firesides on quiet nights, often find their thoughts fondly turning to.... read more